About the Club

Cantabrigian RUFC, universally known as the Cantabs, has been an integral part of Cambridge rugby since 1946. We are passionate about traditional rugby values and our 100% amateur status. We run three sides on a regular basis and welcome players of all abilities, as well as their families and friends, to our competitive but friendly and sociable club at Sedley Taylor Road. Apart from the rugby, we have a vibrant social scene with regular events throughout the season. We can also offer what must be among the best changing facilities in the Eastern Counties, as we have use of the superb new sports pavilion built recently by our neighbours, Hills Road Sixth Form College.

Our Teams

Cantabs has 3 Mens teams competing at various levels and open to all levels of experience and ability. We pride ourselves on being a welcoming friendly club and are always keen to welcome new members, both playing and social.

Cantabs 1st XV play in London Division 2 NE having been promoted from London Division NE3 in 2014/2015. The 2nd XV play in Eastern Counties 1W and the 3rd team compete in Easter Counties 3W. All 3 sides also compete in cup competitions throughout the season, with the 3XV having won the cup in the 2016-17 season.

Over the years, Cantabs players have been awarded representative honours at County, Eastern Counties and International level, and have represented both Cambridge and Oxford Universities in the Varsity Match.

Our History

The present club was founded in 1946 by Old Boys of the then Cambridge and County High School for Boys, and for many years was an exclusively Old Boys club, the Old Cantabrigian RUFC. This was not the first flowering of Old Boys rugby: the first recorded match involving an Old Boys team was 100 years ago, in 1913 (against the School: the School won!).

The Great War interrupted further development, but an Old Boys club was also active between 1923 and 1934. After WWII, the newly formed Old Cantabrigian RUFC played at various local grounds for the first few seasons, but in 1953 land was acquired for a pitch adjoining the School's playing fields in Cambridge, and a clubhouse was built later the same year. Cantabs remained an Old Boys club until the late 1960s, when a limited number of non-Old Boys were admitted to full membership. In 1974 the High School, like most Grammar Schools, was caught up in the educational reforms of the time, and became the co-educational Hills Road Sixth Form College. Player recruitment from the School fell significantly, and the Old Cantabrigians, in common with so many other Old Boys clubs, could fulfil their fixture list only by further extending non-Old Boy membership.

As the years passed, the proportion of non-Old Boy members increased progressively until the Club became open to all, as it is today. Non-Old Boys now represent a large majority of the membership, but have the same enthusiasm and commitment to the Club as their Old Boy predecessors, so the Club's future seems assured. Eventually, in 1989, to reflect the Club's new composition, "Old" was dropped from the Club's name, which became simply "Cantabrigian RUFC". Happily, in spite of these changes, the cordial relationship that had always existed between Club and College continues to this day, and we are fortunate to share their excellent facilities at Sedley Taylor Road.

Looking to the future, we hope to continue to improve our playing performance commensurate with our amateur status, and also plan to extend and improve the clubhouse and facilities to improve the expereince of our members and guests – without losing its traditional rugby club atmosphere that our visitors seem to enjoy so much!

Cantabs are proud of the Club's history and its place in the Cambridge rugby scene. We are committed to providing competitive and enjoyable rugby to amateur players at all levels of ability. Families and supporters can be assured of a warm welcome too, so come along and see us soon!